It’s all in the Details!

Cookie decorating is all about the details and there are TONS of techniques and skills to learn. This week I just happen to be working on some candy accents for cupcakes at my daughter’s birthday party! When I am wanting to make accents, sometimes I make them myself. I sketch them on parchment paper and trace them, or if I am wanting a really specific color, I will use fondant! This time however, the exact shape was important! Our party theme this year is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I want the elements to be easily recognizable as the children attending will be 2! When I am looking for exact shapes, my go to method is a mold!

This mold is from Busy Bakers Supplies on Etsy!

When using a mold, i personally prefer to use Wilton Candy Wafers. They melt easy and their colors are great. They also have a million colors to choose from and are available at Walmart! Easy Peasy. Okay! The how to! First you have to get out little bowls and melt all of your colors.

I microwave mine for a minute, stir them, and then microwave for 30 seconds longer. Next I put them into piping bags and filled my first mold. If you are making a ton of these things, I recommend popping it in the freezer. They are done in like 3 minutes this way! While your mold is drying, you need somewhere to put your bags of candy melts so they don’t harden! I put mine in a bath of really hot water. I will boil water on the stove, turn off the heat, and then put my little bags into a large ziploc and let them float around in the water. You will probably need a towel to dry off the bags each time before refilling the mold. You do NOT want water to drip in with your candy melts.

After your candy is hardened, you just pop out your little designs and they are ready to be used! Super Easy! There are absolutely a million places to get candy molds and you can really find a mold for every detail you are looking for! Have something in mind? Ask me about it in the comments! I bet we can find the perfect thing to add to your sweet treat! Happy Baking!

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